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About Truck Insurance One

We are a truck insurance agency licensed to provide insurance in IL, IN, and MI. What sets us apart is that we put drivers first; we’ve spent a lot of time in the industry and understand the truck driving experience, and we’re dedicated to providing a personable, helpful service. Our golden rules are to provide peace of mind, put your interest first, and put an accessible, human face to our service.

Our Values

Our work is driven by a set of key values. These values define us as a team, and we believe they make our services

better for each of our customers. They are:

Respect: respect drives all of our interactions with clients and co-workers.

Teamwork: by working together as a team, we can achieve outstanding results.

Education: we believe in the importance of constant education in order to stay informed and sharpen our skills to provide the best possible advice.

Community Involvement: we care deeply about the trucking community and know that we owe our success
to our clients; therefore we support and give back to the community.

Never Lose the Human Touch: we are in the business of building relationships, not just providing services. At the end of the day people like to do business with people, not machines. We are always
available to talk to you on a personal level.

Thoughtful Insurance Solutions

Our business is to protect and serve truck drivers. To do so, we provide truck insurance in Illinois,
Indiana, and Michigan. We offer a range of difference insurance and risk management solutions, all
of which are designed to give you peace of mind on the road for an affordable price. Our plans are
flexible, so we can help you to design one that meets your specific needs. Our staff has over 50
years of combined insurance experience, and they can put their knowledge to use to develop the best
possible plan for you.

Human Customer Service

One of our most important business principles is to provide human, accessible customer service.
You’ll always be able to talk with a real person on our team; we’re available to answer any of your
questions or to provide advice. We know that insurance can be complicated, and there are a lot of
complex legal liabilities you may not be familiar with. Our job is to make sure you have the
protection you need and to make insurance accessible and understandable.

Speaking Your Language

Of course, an important part of any good business relationship is communication. In Chicago and the
surrounding area, we know that many people in the trucking industry come from Lithuania, Russia,
Serbia, Poland, and other Eastern European countries. As a matter of fact, most of our staff members
are also Eastern European immigrants. We have a diverse team who can speak many Eastern European
languages, so we can always find the right person to best understand and help you. We believe that a
cultural understanding is important to providing the best service, and we’re committed to creating
that mutual understanding with you.

Understanding and Familiarity with the Trucking Industry

Familiarity with the trucking industry and the experiences of truck drivers is essential to providing
high-quality insurance solutions. Our team has years of experience within the industry, so we know
what you’re going through. We understand the freedom of the road and the financial opportunities
that truck driving can bring. We’re also familiar with the risks and dangers of truck driving: the
stress of meeting government regulations, the risk of recession, the danger of accidents, and so on.
We know about all these details, so we know how to help you prepare for them. We think of ourselves
as more than just an insurance provider; we’re your teammate at home and on the road.