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Truck Insurance
Owner Operator Insurance and Commercial Fleet Insurance

Truck Insurance One provides truck insurance for owner operators and trucking fleets in IL, IN, and MI. All of our truck insurance coverage has been designed with the needs of truck drivers in mind.

We offer a range of truck insurance coverage, all designed to provide thorough but affordable coverage. The kinds of truck insurance you need will depend on your state’s regulations, on whether you are driving under your own authority, and what kinds of risk you’re likely to encounter.

If you have questions about truck insurance, one of our agents would be happy to discuss your options with you. We can help to prepare you for any haul and provide you with educated guidance.

Primary Liability Insurance
Primary liability insurance provides coverage for damage or injury to another person that results from an accident you are responsible for. The Department of Transportation requires all owner-operators to carry this kind of insurance.
Non-Trucking Liability Insurance (“Bobtail Insurance”)
“Bobtail” insurance provides limited liability coverage for any accidents that occur when you are not on dispatch or hauling a loaded trailer. It’s essential for owner-operators who permanently lease to a regulated carrier.
Physical Damage Coverage
This kind of insurance gives you protection from damage to your truck or equipment. It will cover repair or replacement in the event of damage resulting from collision, vandalism, theft, fire, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, or any other natural disaster. In addition to covering your truck and trailer, it covers your chains, tarps, and electronic equipment.
Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance covers your financial responsibility for any freight that is lost or damaged. The policy is set based on the type of commodity and a maximum load limit. This means that you may need to adjust your cargo insurance periodically depending on the cargo you’re carrying.
Occupational Accident Insurance
Accident insurance provides medical, disability, and death and dismemberment benefits for any injuries incurred on the job. In general, this coverage does not have any deductible and can be used to cover medical care in any hospital.
Contingent Liability
Contingent liability insurance protects trucking companies from paying legal expenses or lost wages when a subcontractor challenges his status as an independent contractor or claims worker’s compensation benefits following an injury. Contingent liability insurance is available for a small premium and can potentially protect a trucking business from significant legal costs.
Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Qualifying trucking companies can purchase a worker’s compensation insurance package that includes occupational accident and contingent liability coverage. This package protects your business from the most common legal risks that trucking businesses face.
Trucking General Liability Insurance
General liability insurance provides coverage for damages caused by the business owner or employees that can occur outside of actually operating a truck. This includes incidents such as a customer falling and getting injured on your property or damage resulting from mistakes while delivering cargo. The insurance covers property damage, personal injury, and litigation costs up to a specified limit.
Trailer Interchange Insurance
Trailer interchange insurance works similarly to physical damage insurance, but instead of covering trailers you own, it covers trailers that are in your possession under a trailer interchange agreement. It provides coverage for the loss of or physical damage to trailers and equipment, including damage from vandalism, theft, fires, earthquakes, or floods.